ALU Art Forum
ALU Art Forum
Client: Competition entry
Project: 2014
Iva Letilović, Igor Pedišić

For decades there has been an empty space situated in Ilica between the numbers 83 and 87, standing as a caesura in the street front, like an open door to the interior of the block. Enigmatic and hermetic, the gap becomes the base of the project concept. The gap as a new urban pocket, an in-between space, between the street and the park.

The grade separated surface can be used by students and citizens as a meeting spot, but also as a place for object exhibitions, spatial installations and artistic performances. It is a clue in a space announcing a festivity of art hiding deep in the park.

The reduced passage through the house is a bond between two worlds. In contrast with the noisy and cacophonic streets filled with vehicles, the park sprinkled with sculptures seems surreal, almost like a secret garden. The reduced thickness of the house itself conceals the park, forms a third façade and ultimately materialises the pocket, the gap. A gap filling the street sequence.

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