Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Client: Archdiocese of Zadar
Project: 2005
Igor Pedišić

New Church of the Assumption of the Blesses Virgin Mary in Škabrnja, a small village situated in Ravni Kotari, was built in place of the old one, demolished during the war in 1991. The Archdiocese of Zadar organized a competition for project proposals for the new church, with the only condition being that he church have a double-pitched roof covered with barrel clay tiles.

Albeit unconventional, the church’s ground plan still meets all liturgical requirements. The exterior is dominated by a raw stone masonry wall and a construction resembling a defensive wall with cavities used to host a massive wooden door. The stone mantle envelops and physically protects the soft, oval membrane of the nave. The primary idea was for the villagers to build a dry stone wall by themselves, for stone is the material they encounter on daily basis, while it is also an inevitable part of their building tradition. That way their effort would also become an essential part of the wall. Unfortunately, that idea wasn’t realised due to objective reasons. The altar was made out of selected stone remains of the demolished church. The material memorial of the old church was upgraded with a new, massive, semi-processed stone slab.

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