King Tomislav Square
King Tomislav Square
Client: Natječajni rad
Project: 2013
Iva Letilović, Igor Pedišić

The basic mission of the competition was to select a project which would transform the neglected space among colossal volumes of residential housing into a square. Pula’s new public area is to be set in a space which at the same time undermines the climate it is set in, where a large amount of sunlight requires narrow streets and small squares, and possesses dimensions exceeding those of a typical urban neighbourhood.

Our project envisions the future square as a space hosting a market and a parking lot which are covered by an inserted volume, an artificial green isle, a park and a square at the same time. The green isle alters the norm of residential buildings and creates a new set of relations: the grey of anonymous façades is no longer the space’s dominating force but a mere frame emphasising the green. The green isle levitates, like a large sculpture elevated from the ground, supported by the columns and nothing more, in place of a dusty meadow and an illegal parking lot.

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