Memorial Collection Lipa Remembers
Memorial Collection Lipa Remembers
Client: Competition entry
Project: 2014
Iva Letilović, Igor Pedišić

Permanent display of the memorial collection “Lipa Remembers” is currently situated in a building architectonically identical to the others in the village, so it doesn’t reflect the uniqueness of the guarded contents in any way. It also doesn’t possess a suitable entry because it is accessed directly from the main road. The anonymity of the current building is eliminated by a new architectural intervention, a two-storey “porcupine-like” structure, a fresh spatial feature on the north-western gable of the building. The new structure is endowed with both symbolic and monumental charge, while at the same time it functions as an annex from which one enters the collection, the space marking the end of the permanent display tour.

The design of the visual identity was based on the same communication principles, wherein the graphics of the dotted raster affirm the architectural concept itself, both in a physical and symbolical sense. The number of steel columns on the upper floor, as well as the number of dots in the visual identity, communicate the number of the victims fallen on 30th April 1944.

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