Permanent Display of the Classical Period
Permanent Display of the Classical Period
Client: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Project: 2013
Iva Letilović, Igor Pedišić

The exhibits are set inside of a self-sufficient steel structure placed in the middle of the floor. Modular steel shelves, which are of identical dimensions but have different internal divisions, are rhythmically sorted and laid out from the beginning to the end of the given space, forming spatial niches which follow the curatorial concept of thematic units. That way the new exhibition is kept from devitalising the found space. This engenders a line of motion and sets a mise en scène on the steel stage, leading the visitors from the opening sequences to the dramatically most impressive moment, an encounter with a group of imperial statues of supernatural size.

The modularly structured steel niches function as unobtrusive packaging which is yet strong enough to embed different artefacts, ranging from Roman gems to carved stone often weighing several tons. Due to the five millimetre thick metal sheets, the shelf construction is unstable without the exhibits which provide it with static stability. Just like the exhibits which cannot stand without the shelves, the shelves cannot stand without the exhibits.

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